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The SCBWI-LA Summer Conference starts TONIGHT. :) - rhcrayon: The Blog! — LiveJournal

Aug. 1st, 2013

01:56 pm - The SCBWI-LA Summer Conference starts TONIGHT. :)

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The annual, four-day SCBWI Summer Conference starts tomorrow! For some of us, it starts tonight—with some pre-conference karaoke (woo hoo!!). And for some, it started yesterday.

But I'm not attending this year! For the first time in over a decade. Because I'm pregnant. Due in a few days.

But, the baby isn't here yet. So now, in addition to karaoke-ing tonight, I'm hoping to stop by and say hi to many good friends, get coffee, hang out . . . The other reason I'm not officially attending the conference this year is that SCBWI discontinued my Summer Conference photography arrangement with them of several years. It's nothing personal. There have been some shifts in the main office, and the new crew is not as aware of the work I've done for them, alas. But the fact that I'm pregnant is a much more cheerful reason.

I hope to see many of you there!

I will see many good friends at karaoke tonight—woo hoo!! My husband is bringing our new video camera, hoping to capture me shaking this pregnant belly to some hip hop (which is so wrong). This will definitely be his last chance.

Unless . . . I make an appearance at the SCBWI party Saturday night . . . ?? This year's theme is "Black and White," and this body would make a perfect penguin . . .

I'm just sayin'. ;)

P.S. Time permitting, I may still post a few informal pictures from around the fringes of the conference, afterward. There look to be some promising goings-ons this year.

So check back!