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Photos: Kid Lit Holiday Party! 2011

Hey, Everyone! Here are a few photos from the Kid Lit(erati) Holiday Party this past Saturday.

Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-1 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-3 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-5 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-6 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-9 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-21

To see the full set (I wish I'd taken more of everyone!!),
click here for Facebook, where you can tag or untag yourselves,
click here for Flickr, where you can download the images in sizes of your choosing, and/or
click here for Zenfolio, where you can download the whole batch and order prints, if that's your thing.

Thanks, everyone, for the drinks, delicious treats, and fun conversation--and THANKS for bringing all those gorgeous children's books to donate! The schools they're going to are really going to appreciate them!

Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-22 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-24 Kid_Lit_Holiday_Party-20111203-25
Lee Wind and Sara Wilson Etienne pose with all the beautiful, gleaming children's books to be donated. I seriously wanted to borrow half of them to take home and read first, but that wouldn't have been in the spirit.

As mentioned in my previous post, the YA titles--in the two stacks on the left--are going to Central High School/Tri-C, a continuation school serving at-risk youth throughout the LA school district. Picture Books through Middle Grade novels (the right two stacks, plus spillover onto the game table) will go to the Knox Elementary School in South Central LA. Both schools were arranged by Lee Wind, who also brought lovely, decorated boxes to sort the donations into as they arrived.

With double thanks to all of the organizers who made this event happen and got the word out--Lee Wind, Jenn Bosworth, Sara Wilson Etienne, Greg Pincus, Jill Corcoran, and me, I guess :) --and triple, quadruple thanks to all the people who helped sort and carry books at the end of the night (in addition to having helped lug them in!).

And always, I cannot thank enough the people who bring the delicious snacks . . . and the hilarity and good times!

Happy Holidays, Kid Lit Community!


Me with Elle Jauffret, who drives up specially from San Diego because LA Kid Lit events are so fun. (She makes the most amazing cookies, by the way. Good to know.)

Speaking of delicious baked goods, who brought those amazing dark chocolate espresso brownies in the pie tin? I would like to shake your hand . . .

:) :)
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