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Photos: SCBWI-LA Writer's Days 2012 (Saturday AND Sunday) - rhcrayon: The Blog!

May. 1st, 2012

03:10 pm - Photos: SCBWI-LA Writer's Days 2012 (Saturday AND Sunday)

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Friends! Photos from last weekend's SCBWI-LA Writer's Days are up!

SCBWI-LA Writer's Days: "Books and Beyond: How To Make A Living (And A Life!) As A Writer"
Sat. & Sun., April 21-22, 2012

Lee Wardlaw Dawne Knobbe Bonnie Berry LaMon Monica Haven Terri Farley Jennifer Bosworth, Kristen Kittscher, Sara Wilson Etienne, Tony Etienne Anne Tibbets
Lee Wardlaw: "Ten Things I've Learned from My Cats about Being A Children's Book Author."
Dawne Knobbe: "Busting out of the Box--Creative Marketing for Published/Unpublished Writers."
Bonnie Berry LaMon (Professional Forum): "More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Children's Book Publishing Agreements."
Monica Haven giving a tip on how to make a living as a writer. She led a Professional Forum on Taxes, "Fact of Fiction?"
Terri Farley: "Fetch Me A Dream, PDQ."
Jennifer Bosworth, Kristen Kittscher, Sara Wilson Etienne, and Tony Etienne kickin' it at lunch.
Anne Tibbets during a mid-morning creativity exercise involving pipe cleaners.

View the whole SCBWI-LA Writer's Days 2012 album by clicking here. 
See original Writer's Days event details here.

This year was the first time SCBWI-LA added Sunday intensives to Writer's Day, creating Writer's Days plural--a full, weekend conference. It was so much fun!! Check out the album to see the kind of joyful learning we experienced together, including glimpses into the new Sunday intensives. Some of these pictures will be featured in Kite Tales, SCBWI-LA's online newsletter, soon.

Highlights for me include seeing Sara from my writing group speaking on an amazing, super entertaining editor/agent/author panel with Stacey Barney and Michael Bourret, her editor and agent, respectively. And again in her own talk on how she's been brilliantly promoting Harbinger. (Which totally sold out of copies Saturday morning after the panel alone, before she even showed her book trailer. Which knocked people's socks off.)

Stacey Barney, Michael Bourret, and Sara Wilson Etienne's panel "Traditional Publishing Case Study: Harbinger," moderated by Lee Wind.
(That's my writing group! Represent!!)

Harbinger, by Sara Wilson Etienne
Last copy standing--and then it was gone. Lee told me to take a picture, and the funny thing was, I already had.

The Harbinger team: Michael Bourret, Sara Wilson Etienne, and Stacey Barney
Look at this camaraderie. When I first showed up at Writer's Days, these three were literally joined at the hip.

We also got to hear Lee Wardlaw speak, whose delightful picture book Won Ton: A Cat Tale Told In Haiku I have given out many times this year. (Your autographed book plates are coming soon, friends!) In addition, thanks to my role as official event photographer, I got to meet and hang out with esteemed faculty members Dawne Knobbe (okay, I knew Dawne already, but I got to learn more about what she does), Bonnie Berry LaMon ("objective correlative!"), Monica Haven, Terri Farley, Alexis O'Neill, and, and, and.

[deleted here: an ill-fated attempt to name-check all the other awesome people I got to hang out with or at least waved to during the conference.]

SCBWI_LA_Writers_Days_2012-17 SCBWI_LA_Writers_Days_2012-34
SCBWI_LA_Writers_Days_2012-122 SCBWI_LA_Writers_Days_2012-123
What's up, Friends! You are all looking so fresh and beautiful this fine Saturday and Sunday morning.

I saw tons of awesome peeps from the Westside and Hollywood Schmooze, and even more writer friends at Saturday's Kid Lit Drink Night, whom I had met at other Kid Lit Drink Nights. And I made new friends, too! But the thing that was so bonding this weekend, even when I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I wanted, was how we all participated in these intensives together. I felt closer even to people I hadn't met properly. After spending that Sunday morning and afternoon together, discussing our stories, when I see their faces in photos now, I'm like, Oh, hey--What's up!! 

Sunday morning I took Stacey's Revision Workshop for Middle Grade and YA novels,


and on Sunday afternoon I took Michael's intensive on "Pitching (a How-To Workshop)":

Guess I've found Michael Bourret's Pitching workshop. This violent image made me laugh, probably because I was freaked the hell out.

Both workshops gave me excellent tools that I have continued to use since. The pitching workshop was particularly exhilarating, because I normally avoid that activity like the plague, and this class was capped at 15 people so we all got lots of personal attention. Michael really clarified the tone and content of pitches, and the group collaboration was fantastic. I learned so much from going over everyone else's before we even got to mine! I also enjoyed sitting in an open circle in a classroom decorated as a forest. (I can't believe, after all my talking about it, that I didn't document the overhead canopy, giant tree trunks, or doorframe filled with trailing, painted, paper leaves. See?? Nerves.) Whoo! I had some good adrenaline going by the end. As I told Michael, I would be ready for this workshop by 1 pm on Sunday and not one moment sooner. (I used to be both an extrovert and an introvert, but these days I have to make appointments with my extrovert.) I really enjoyed getting to the nut of what 14 other people's stories were about.

I want to thank all of the hardworking SCBWI-LA volunteers for making this weekend happen--especially our new Regional Advisors Sarah Laurenson and Lee Wind, who spearheaded this groundbreaking expansion of an already fabulous event. Congratulations to all of the contest winners--and to Rilla Jaggia for winning this year's Sue Alexander Service & Encouragement (SASE) Award--in addition to a writing contest--for her work on Kite Tales these past several years. I've been reliving Writer's Days thanks to these photos, and now I hope you like them, too.


P.S. As always, everyone is invited to use these pictures in your blogs, Web sites, etc. Please credit Rita Crayon Huang, but otherwise, I would be honored. You can download images directly from Flickr. Also, if you have any concerns whatsoever about pictures I have taken of you, message me privately. I am here to be your professional ally.

P.P.S. As mentioned earlier, Kid Lit Drink Night took place that same Saturday evening. I did take some pictures that I'll post later, but not as many as you'd think considering the cornucopia of nuttiness going on. What a weekend.


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Date:May 2nd, 2012 06:22 am (UTC)
Great photos as always, Rita. And such a pleasure spending a fabulous weekend with you. What a privilege to FINALLY hear what your amazing book is about :)
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Date:May 2nd, 2012 06:50 am (UTC)
I feel bonded to you, Rilla. You are now my soul sister. :)
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Date:May 2nd, 2012 04:09 pm (UTC)
Yes! Write on soul sister. May the odds ever be in our favor.
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Date:May 2nd, 2012 06:00 pm (UTC)


You magically captured all the wild energy of the weekend,
in photos and words too. The pitch session was special.
I'm a little afraid of what you captured at KidLit drink
night, what with that bawdy REnaissance Band playing
pool side to add to the merriment. Now Won Ton's won
the 2012 Crystal Kite Award for CA/Hawaii. Isn't that wow?
write on,
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